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Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Tires

Cleaning your tires regularly is an important part of preventative maintenance. It removes any buildup of brake dust, road grime and other elements that could potentially damage the tire.

Your choice of cleaning product is equally important. A harsh chemical cleaner can break down the rubber conditioners and UV absorbers that protect the tires and aid flexibility. This can leave them susceptible to the elements, and result in brown discoloration from anti-ozonant "blooming," as well as dry rot or sidewall cracking that breaks down the tire rubber, making them unsafe for driving.

Simple Green All-Wheel & Tire removes brake dust, road grime, tar residue and more without damage to your tires. It’s also non-toxic, free of dangerous or caustic fumes, and safe for overspray on chrome, aluminum and more, making it a better choice for both you and your tires.



Spot test a small, hidden area before use.

  1. Apply cleaner. Spray Simple Green All Wheel & Tire on cool, dry wheels. Let sit 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Agitate. For heavy grime or brake dust, agitate with soft brush or sponge.
  3. Rinse. Rinse clean with water.
  4. Wipe dry. Use a terry cloth towel or microfiber towel for optimum shine.