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Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Asphalt Driveway

When in doubt about a surface, always spot test first.

To clean driveways, patios, walkways, pavers and exterior decorative areas:

  1. Pre-wet surfaces.
  2. Pre-treat heavily soiled areas and oil spots with full strength Simple Green.
  3. Allow about 10 minutes soak time for the pre-treated areas.
  4. Mix about 1½ cups Simple Green per gallon of water.
  5. Apply Simple Green solution with a pump sprayer, broom or deck brush.
  6. Scrub well.
  7. Allow a few minutes of soak time.
  8. Rinse well with clean water.

Rinse runoff and solution into gravel, soil, or landscaping and water it in.

Always spot test on asphalt surfaces. Simple Green is not compatible with all asphalt sealers.

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