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How to Clean Artificial Grass

Your artificial grass is made to look good year-round, a place where you can play with your dog without getting dirty, or worrying about pesticides or harsh fertilizers. And while we love our pets, the gross waste they leave behind is anything but lovable! Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner's non-toxic solution will help you revitalize your artificial grass and other outdoor areas, and reclaim it from poop, pee, vomit and other unsightly materials from your pet.

When in doubt about a surface, always spot test first.

Manual Application

  • Remove as much solid waste as you can before cleaning.
  • In a bucket or large container, mix 1½ cups Simple Green to a gallon of water.
  • Hose down the surface.
  • Apply the Simple Green solution in sections using a stiff scrub brush, scrubbing away any poop, pee or other soils.
  • Rinse well with clean water.

Pressure Washer Application

  • Remove as much solid waste as you can before cleaning.
  • Hose down the surface.
  • Pour full-strength Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner into pressure washer detergent tank, or drop your siphon tube into the bottle of Simple Green.
  • Apply Simple Green in sections. Do not allow the product to dry onto the surface.
  • Rinse well with clean water, keeping pressure washer nozzle at least 2 feet from the surface to avoid damaging or dislodging the material.

Stinky backyard? Get rid of the foul smells from your pet's poop, pee and vomit with Simple Green® Outdoor Odor Eliminator - a non-toxic, biodegradable way to get your outdoor area smelling great again.

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